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I dont remember this.....

The Marlin Man

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From the official site:

Emergency shortstop: When Lenny Harris pinch-hit for Alex Gonzalez in the ninth inning Sunday, the Marlins were out of possible shortstops had the game extended to extra innings.


As it turned out, the question was moot because Harris ended up making the final out in a 4-3 loss.


But had the game gone on, McKeon was prepared to use right fielder Miguel Cabrera at shortstop. Cabrera was signed as a shortstop before becoming a third baseman, and now an outfielder.


McKeon was thinking of using Cabrera, who played short one time in the NLCS at Chicago, at shortstop. Conine would have moved to right field, and either Choi or Admin Sutton would have played first.


Another emergency shortstop would be second baseman Luis Castillo. And Harris, who came up as a second baseman, could have remained in the game and played second.




I dont remember cabs playing short in the NLCS.....when did this happen?

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Guest Juanky

He did, I believe in Game One. The game went into extras and we took a shot pinch hitting for Alex, so Cabs moved to short and Mikey went into the game to play third.

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