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ALCU up to its old tricks again


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I have really had it with this anti-christian agenda. I mean, people walked around my highschool with bad religion t shirts, showing a cross with a strike through it, and if someone wore a shirt with the same thing but the crescent moon of islam, they probably would have been suspeneded or expelled. I hate double standards.

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The ACLU needs new leadership. :mischief

The ACLU needs to go away.


They still paint themselves as some rogue defender of liberty, staunchly defending the average schmuck against a totalitarian gov't gone wild, but defending the right to fart in public (or whatever the hell else they are up to nowadays) is hardly the good fight.


I also love thier new print ads (seen them in the New Yorker, etc...) They get some flaming liberal actor or celeb to pose for a print ad then they go on and on about the abusive and exploitive gov't.




Please ACLU, don't go away mad. Just go away.

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Conservatives will be the first to whale about their rights when their own rights get violated. Mr. Poster Boy Rush Limbaugh now critisizes the police for invading his rights and then asks the ACLU to help him. Typical. Youd be the first one demanding your rights be defended if they were encroached upon and the ACLU would be there to help you. But when you dont need them for your self interest, they serve no purpose.


The ACLU defended the KKKs right to protest hence showing the right to protest and free speech should not be trampled no matter what the party invoking them.

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