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What do the marlins need more?????

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1. Something Else: execution. We're getting people on base at the same rate and getting them into scoring position, but the team is unwilling to take an extra base or can't put the ball into play.


2. Bat. Preferably an lefty-hitting oufielder. Doesn't matter if he starts, platoons or what. We need a better lefty off the bench than Lenny Harris and desperately need outfield depth.


3. Bullpen arm. Benitez, Koch, Wayne is a solid core. Hopefully McKeon can find a way to put Perisho, Phelps, Bump, Manzy, Borland, Howard, etc. to good use.

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You guys need a bat. Take it from a Met fan, you don't want another guy with potential when your right in a play-off hunt. You want a proven major league who will make an impact right away. I hate all that "Looking inside the orginization first" crap. At the time last year, you guys weren't really in contention when you brought up Willis and Cabrera. Now, you are. So you can't wait for someone to develop while you're in a Division/Wild Card run.

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Guest Jack1

They need somebody who can drive in runs.

Jack needs to read is own sign...remember the one that said check your ego at the door. I think last years' success has gone to his head!

All these line up changes are ridiculous!

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