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Halfway point


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Well the Marlins have limped to the midway point in the season with a record of 41-40. They're two games back in the division. At this time last year the Marlins sported a 40-41 record and were 12 games behind the Braves. To give some perspective of the Marlins and their record at the middle of the season look at the 2002 and 2001 seasons. In 02 they were also 41-40 and 10 games back when management did their fire sale getting rid of Floyd and Dempster. In 01 they were also 41-40 and only 5 1/2 back, but this was after a managerial change that ultimately didn't change much at the end of the season. Of cours 01 was with a different ownership group. In the history of the team the best they've ever been after 81 games is 1997 when they went 48-33, but they were still in second place even then. While things haven't gone especially well for the Marlins recently, one must remember that its a long season, one that's far from being over. At this time last year at best I was hoping for a winning record for the season. The expectations have been raised for some for this years team, but not for me. I want a winning team, one that can challenge for a playoff spot. I will not be disappointed with anything but a losing record from this team.

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