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Tour de France


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Basso wins the stage but Lance with an amazing showing here today and has put himself in excellent posistion.


Great day for Lance, Tyler Hamilton will have to wait but most importantly Lance has spaced himself from Ulrich.


What a great day of racing.


OLN tomorrow at 9, WATCH

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Basso overtook Lance right at the end but he's not a big challenger to Lance.


You have to proud of Lance if you saw this.


Furman if you get the chance they replay the stage at 12, 2, and 9 later today. If you get a chance watch about the last hour or so. Really great stuff.

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That's where he was today but he's gained at least 3 minutes on Voekler the leader. Voekler is horrible at climbing and that's all that tomorrow is really. He barely finished today so I would think Lance could have the yellow tomorrow.


Lance is in prime position.


This is certainly a great day for US Cycling.

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Well, Lance only plans to do one more after this year.


I missed it because I was at work. But I will tune into OLN at 7:30 tonight.



I'm pretty sure it's at , 12, 230 and 9. It's defiantly not a stage to miss. Easily the best of this year and I'd say better than any of last year's stages.

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