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Redmond... & Torborg echo

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I was ticked when so many early on said Redmond could not stand the rigors of full-time play. Thought it stemmed back to Torborg's comment..."I don't dare start him everyday. The way he plays he'll kill himself." (That's a very close quotation.)


Now I'm worried. Seems Red's body is not as able as his heart. What a bummer.

Now it appears we have two back-up catchers, Red and Treanor, AND some are looking to add Greg Zaun (another back-up catcher who is having a really good year as a Starter.)


I was upset when we got rid of Zaun. I liked his guts and his skills (and his family genes.) I was also upset (being "BenchWarmer," Champion of the underdogs,) when we got rid of Danny Bautista. But, we were very fat and foolish, then.

Now, it appears we need a starting, productive catcher (e.g. Estrada, Barrett, among those slightly less than Premier status)...


AND we need a good stick and quality defensive OF... and that's Danny Bautista at the max end of our payroll potential.

Not to mention a Pitcher.

Oh, my.

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It is not as bad as you depict it. First of all, NO ONE, not even the loudest of haters, predicted that Castro would vanish. Again, something was bothering him that was not baseball related. The guy has the talent, but obviously his mind is somewhere else. He was supposed to be our starter and he could have been a pretty good one given his power potential. But that is all but history now.


And as far as Bautista and Zaun are concerned, it isnt like we are or were missing them. Bautista has, up until this year, never been a starter. And is only currently playing up to his potential. And Zaun is not any better than Red or Treanor.


The problem with the Marlins is not that they need a starting pitcher, we just need to get consistency from the ones we already have.

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I am not worried about the catcher position too much. We are carrying three catchers on the current roster: Redmond, Treanor, and Willingham. All three are capable (when healthy in Redmonds case).

I like using Willingham in the outfield right now, but if we need him he can move back behind the plate.

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We're building a great AAA team.

Maybe we'll go up a notch if our "regulars" start playing up to their capacity.

Meanwhile, we are building a great AAA team.

With a AA mentality.

We have just (almost) enough money for a Pitcher, Catcher or Outfielder.

Not all three.

We can get to the Play-offs (win our division) with heroics.

Enter please Heroics.

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