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What are you really like?


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i think i'm pretty chill in the sense that I don't take things seriously (except for a few choice things). Grades-wise, I try hard, but I quickly get over a bad grade or a good grade. I think I also have a good sense of humor....I guess I'm kinda funny, but I also take jokes pretty well...I'm pretty spontaneous (my A.D.D. comes out). I'm also obsessed w/football, as I play for my college, and I plan on hopefully getting a Graduate Assistanceship and heading on into the college coaching world. I'm also a Christian (i talk a lot on this board, but dont act lol), and I'm a hardworker (school, I could try a little harder at times, but in all my jobs, and in football).


Following in DW22's vote-getting, although I didn't receive Best Personality as my senior superlative (I was most school spirited), but I was voted best teammate on my football team, and was a captain my senior year.


So I guess that's my life.


Oh yeah, I love outdoors stuff (hunt, frog gig, occasional fishing)

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Guest marlins02

shy and quiet. i come off as an a**hole at 1st because i just dont talk if i dont know you but as time goes on you'll probably realize that im a nice guy... kinda weird but nice. people get turned off though because they normally dont wait long enough to really know me. the 1st impression is what sticks out in their minds. truth is that im not a people person. i have my own sense of humor that other people might not get but whatever. im pretty laid back but i do have a temper. i tend to keep my annoyance and anger inside but if you annoy me enough you'll see another side of me. i dont get violent... at least not physically but i will eventually go off and stay quick tempered for a while until it goes away.

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