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RAW 7/12


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RAW Thoughts:


Good, and unexpected opening segment backstage with Evolution. The reaction from the rest of Evolution was great too....Edge v.s Batista was just as good as the Orton/Edge match from last night. Few rest-spots to bog the match down, though this one took less time....And of course, everyone thought Eugene would get yelled at by Uncle Eric. Swerve~!....Ah, a Flair interview. Gotta love'em. Hopefully this leads to an end to the Hurricane character. It has worn out it's welcome, IMO....Rhyno v.s Conway was okay for what it was....


Tomko didn't look terrible against Maven, but he still needs polishing....Nice to see them interject Regal back into the Eugene storyline....Lita's acting seemed to be a notch higher than it usually is tonight....Kane v.s Jericho was nothing we haven't seen before from those two....Flair v.s Hurricane was a nice classic Flair match. He hasn't had many of those in a while....


I think the main event was the right finish. Finally Evolution turns on Eugene. I wish they'd have saved Regal's save of Eugene to pop the crowd a little more, and to actually "save" him. The refs should've at LEAST gotten in the ring to attempt to help Eugene. I wouldn't even minded if Evolution threw them out of the ring. It's so lame when they just stand outside and yell at the wrestlers inside....Okay RAW tonight, nothing great though.

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I liked the show pretty much also, and Evolution keeps getting it down in the spotlight. :thumbup


Should be intresting to see how Eugene fights back against Evolution.


Also I hope that the Kane, Lita, Matt Hardy angle ends real soon I really cant take any more of this baby crap.

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