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FOX News strikes back


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FOX News Channel Statement on 'Outfoxed'

Tuesday, July 13, 2004


Any news organization that thinks this story is legitimate is opening itself to having its copyrighted material taken out of context for partisan reasons. The illegal copyright infringement actions of Moveon.org in cooperation with the New York Times, including ?cutting a deal? not to give FOX News Channel adequate time to react, is unprecedented. The New York Times corrupts the journalistic process by taking orders from a George Soros-funded web site ? Soros is a left-wing billionaire currency speculator who funds many liberal efforts. This is the real story. If any news organizations decide to make this an anti-FOX News story, then all of their material becomes fodder immediately for possible out of context and biased documentaries.


The former low-level FOX employees are hardly worth addressing. Some of the ?sources? for this documentary never worked for FOX News Channel. Some left because of incompetence, and none expressed concern about editorial policy while employees. They represent fewer than 10 employees out of 2,000 over 8 years. Any news organization that believes this story is big and FOX News Channel is a problem will be challenged by FOX News Channel in the following manner:


If they will put out 100 percent of their editorial directions and internal memos, FOX News Channel will publish 100 percent of our editorial directions and internal memos, and let the public decide who is fair. This includes any legitimate cable news network, broadcast network, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, and The Washington Post.


Liberals Bashing FOX News... Again


Tuesday, July 13, 2004


By John Gibson


This morning I woke up to a story that the Bush administration is looking into delaying the election if there's a big terror attack.


The administration denies it, of course, and it doesn't even pass the laugh test after all the Electoral College (search) elections in the Constitution. There is a reason for this ridiculous story: it is liberal news media bias telling the American people that Bush and friends are trying to steal the election in their view... again.


Now, does anybody look at that obvious bias in news reporting? Not a chance. Instead, we get the liberal hatchet organization Moveon.org producing a cheesy little so-called documentary about FOX News Channel, given the cutesy title "Outfoxed."


It says that FOX is undermining American democratic values, misinforming the public by veering to the right.


First off, I'd like you to look over my show. Clinton administration folks wouldn't have anything to do if they weren't coming on my show nearly every day. We put libs on by the car load, and they get to say their peace.


Secondly, on a good night, Fox is watched by 2 percent of America. That makes us the biggest thing in cable by far but, give me a break.


The three network newscasts add up to 30 percent of America on any given night, and we know what their biases are; plus, the two major news weeklies, all the big national papers and National Public Radio.


You have America's major media dominated by the Left; 80-some percent of reporters are self-described liberals, and they're complaining because FOX lets you hear what the conservatives have to say while also presenting the liberal side.


The producers of this hit piece use some of FOX's internal memos on news direction to justify the claim of bias. They ignore memos that run

counter to their theory.


FOX has issued a challenge. If other major news organizations will release all their internal news direction memos, FNC will release all of its news direction memos.


Then the public can decide which news media is fair and which is not. We have confidence that we will come out just fine if that test is administered.


That's My Word.


What do you think? We'd like to hear from you, so send us your comments at myword@foxnews.com. Some of your e-mails will be featured on the air or on our site.

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Details About Employees Featured in 'Outfoxed'


Tuesday, July 13, 2004




In the film "Outfoxed," four people are identified as former employees of FOX News. FOX News officials, saying their employment history was misrepresented, issued the following clarification:


? Alexander Kippen is referred to as a ?former FOX News producer? when in fact he was never employed by FOX News Channel. He was an employee of WTTG-TV, a FOX affiliate** in Washington, DC.


? Frank O'Donnell is referred to as a ?FOX News producer? in film materials, which is factually incorrect. O?Donnell worked for FOX affiliate WTTG** from 1984 ? 1991 and was never a FOX News Channel employee.


? Jon Du Pre was hired in 1999 as a reporter for FNC?s Los Angeles bureau, not an anchor as the film material states. His contract was not renewed in 2002 because, as his personnel file states, he was considered to be a weak field correspondent and could not do live shots. At the time his contract was not renewed, Du Pre was applying for an anchor position on FOX News Channel.


? Clara Frenk was a pool booker, not a ?producer? in the FOX News Channel Washington, D.C., bureau. She worked at FNC from February 1998 until March 1999 and expressed no concern about the editorial process while she was employed here.


**FOX affiliates are run independently and overseen by FOX Television Stations Inc. FOX affiliates are separate entities from FOX News Channel. FOX News has no editorial oversight of any FOX affiliate.


Two stories that appeared in The Washington Post pointed out additional parts of the movie that are distorted and factually incorrect:





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