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Angry In The Desert


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why can't they beat bad teams?!!?!?!?!?


I know there are a lot of similar topics, but I need to vent


seriously, this past month against the expos, pirates and now dbacks have cost this team their season


fossum is a joke .... he has seriously been one of the most pathetic pitchers in the league .. and the marlins get beat on a decent effort by willis


the umps were terrible, some very questionable strike calls and that horrible call that cost the marlins a runner and an out in a pivotal inning


saenez gets lit up on his first batter, gives up a hit to the 2nd and strikes out the next 3 ... kind of typical of the marlins .. show what they can do, but it's too late ... that like losing the expos & pirates and then sweeping the phils .. sure you can play well, but at that point the damage is done


cabrera has fielding errors, jack has judgement errors, lowell didn't get a big hit all night, wasting the effort lo duca and the guys ahead of him


now they are looking at going 1-2 over this series with RJ going tommorrow


I was thinking of spending the last of my money to go to tommorrow nights game, buy a set of tickets for myself and fiance and have a good time ... now i'm not sure if it's worth having zero money and eating ramen for a week


i've seen a lot with this team over the years .. i've sat in Dunn field and watched Booty not be able to hit anything ... i've sat in the Vet back when the marlins couldn't beat the phils ... i used to have my friends who were mets/braves/cubs fans over to watch on the rare occasion the fish got televised (and they usually lost)


I watched the ups and downs of 97-98 .. i watched the team flutter around mediocrity waiting for talent to develop


this was supposed to be the year they actually built on success, increased their fan base, made another playoff run and let the braves know the division has a legit longterm contender ...... now I'm afraid of what next season holds


I don't want to think the dream is over, but with the # of games back inching closer to 10, it's hard to stay positive ... especially when the casey fossums of the world get the upper hand on you

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I know ... it's very rare for me to post an angry rant .. i should of tacked it on to the others .. but was trying not to read to much to keep from getting even angrier


just frustrated with the course of the season and the realization that it's going to be very, very tough for this team to finish at .500 or make the playoffs


starting to calm a little bit though and take the approach of enjoy the game regardless

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Sigh, can we make a thread after each game we lose and merge all of these together? I hate to sound like an ass, but so many threads...


Don't read them then our read the new posts combined thread!3



Ok..I understood half of that, but I think I get the idea...is it really necessary to create threads to whine about how this team does this and that? Cmon. It's not required.

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i've been to a few games this year, including watching johnson throw a gem on July 4th against the twins


just not sure if it's worth the soup diet for two weeks until the next paycheck to watch them, when I can catch it on TV


terrible I know ... it's been some seasons since I've missed catching at least 1 marlins game .. just may not be able to swing it this year and watching tonights game doesn't make me want to sacrifice myself down to my last dollar


bad timing this year me thinks

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