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In an article in USA Today Sports Weekley they list the top 10 minor leaguers traded at the deadline this year that are going to end up biting the team who let them go in the butt. Travis Chick, traded to San Diego for Ismael Valdes, was third

on the list. Heres what they had to say.


Right-handed pitcher Travis Chick, Padres Projecting pitchers halfway through their first year with a full-season team can be dangerous. But Chick has been dominate at low-A with outstanding command. At 6-3, 220 pounds, he looks like a potential, innings-eater. Ismeal Valdes had better be something special down the stretch for Florida to make this deal look even close to OK

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Yeah, I live here in Greensboro where he was pitching and follow the entire Marlins organization.


I've been out of town the last few weeks so I guess he got his ERA down some because its now at 4.04 so I guess my comments were kind of harsh. I don't see him becoming anything more than a spot starter or mop up reliever though. I could be wrong however.

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Yeah he had only 27 walks in 112 innings at Greensboro and he had more K's than innings so its very puzzling as to why he would occasionally get shelled. He wasn't one of the top 7(probably more than that) or so pitchers in the organization anyways.


Wow that actually is impressive, i guess what they were thinking.

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