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Alien Versus Predator


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I'm a fan of both franchises and the action but was great but their were so many pathetic moments that were to bad to consider it a good movie.


Probably the dumbest moment of cinema history in which THe Predator and Chick are running from the flames and a stupid corny moment where hand by hand and both of their hair flapping.


THat right there puts this whole movie into retrospect... crap.


Then Predators have the ability to see for aliens and yet these advanced species maybe let the fact that an alien is about to invade their ship slip past them?


Also if anything Aliens are more adaptable to humans, it was a forgettable movie but he Weaver Alien make out scene in resurection proves that.


It does teach an important message though and the old guy learned. If you mess with a man's hair you will be killed.


I observed the same thing Soriano about the whole civilization part. It's good because it revolves around a pyramid too as most of that theory does with some of the drawings inside the great pyramids.

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It was an enjoyable movie. Just don't go in there expecting a masterpiece. It's no Aliens and it's no Predator. I can think of a few things off the top of my head that would've made it better, but over all, it was an enjoyable movie. Just don't expect it to be like Aliens or Predator.


On a side note, how come the aliens in the later movies have yet to look any where near as cool as they did in Aliens?

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