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Car Accidents Suck


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So I'm making a left into my neighborhood. I wait 5 minutes to turn until I see a pickup truck with its left turner on, and it starts to slow down. I make the turn and the pickup truck speeds on, and slams the right side of my car. The entire left back window shattered and the door is dented about a foot.


Meanwhile, my car is completly totaled. The driver of the truck was friendly though and admitted he wasn't paying attention, but I was the one stuck with the citation.


The moral of the story is to never turn left.

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Glad you are alright


I hate when cars do that though in all seriousness. Can never tell if they are actually turning or not, and if they are then someone behind you honks because they are so damn impatient


That was what happened, a guy behind me was waiting to turn, but I still waited a few minutes for the right opportunity, but then that damn truck slows down with its turning signal, then goes forward. I guess he realized he was at the wrong turn, but didn't see a car going in front of him.

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Guest Juanky

I've never been this shook up in my life.? :plain


But I walked away without a scratch, that's the important part.



Glad your ok....................

Hey send pictures of your totaled car to PIMP MY RIDE!! :thumbup :thumbup


Feel free to post them here too

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you should of told the cop to goto hell.



If you're turning into oncomming lanes of traffic where no traffic signal is present and get whacked, it is ALWAYS your fault.


Basically, you can't trust anyone on the road. Turn signals mean nothing. They're all trying to kill you.


Sometimes the only safe way to approach this situation is motor on and find an intersection with a traffic signal where you can make a U-turn.


This guy slowed down with a signal on to make the turn, then he sped up after I began to turn, and he was not paying any attention. :censored

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