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Someone brought this up in a topic a week or so ago and it got me to thinking. What if Iran acquires a nuke or what if some "incident" happens on the border (how many damn times has that happened in US history to serve our purposes :whistle ) and US troops are killed? I searched for an article and could only come up with an outdated one. Any with any comments opinions on this?


Iran Nukes?

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Guest Juanky

Personally, I don't see anything happening in Iran, especially after the bad intel/lack of support for the Iraq conflict. That obviously could change if something big happens to take place, but the chances of that are remote. Also, at this time our troops are stretched in that area where we can't afford to have to hold down a third major point without moving troops out of the other two major points, causing a possible breakdown of all we've worked to accomplish there.


That's just my take.

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