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Ancient Antarctic Maps


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Antarctica was discovered in the early 1800s. However, earlier maps from the 1500s and before exist and some with incredible detail in not only relative locations, but the shape of the coastline beneath ice that is supposedly millions of years old.




This map made in 1513 when its bottom cut off shows antarctica (but it is attached to south america) and the proportions of the location of continents before the invention of longitude is amazing. Queen Mod Land is totally free of ice, something impossible in modern times.


Here's another map from 1532:



when this map is converted to modern projection it looks like this:



and here is what antarctica really looks like:



the original map shows antarctica with mountains and rivers...another impossibility for our times.


and for good measure, a french map in the 1700s showing water cover in the middle though some interpret this as glacial advance:





1. All of this is just a big coincidence and interpretation. The greeks believed the world needed a southern counter balance to northern land masses, so some ancient map makers adopted this and made up antarctica.


2. A more modern seafaring country, possibly african, european, or asian mapped it out and this spread to the muslim world.


3. A pre-ancient advanced society existed that mapped out antarctica and radioisodine data from ice is completely wrong, meaning the ice is younger than we think.


4. Whoever devised these or previous maps knew uncounciously, innately, or it came to them like a sixth sense that something was there (much like Edgar Allen Poe's "Eureka!", a stunningly accurate account of the creation of the universe when one compares theories of the 1800s to now)


5. Aliens made these maps



Aside from 5, I really do not know.


Enjoy thinking it out.

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I'd be most inclined to believe 1 or 2 most.




3 is believable and could make sense.



4 I'm not so sure about....it would depend on more than just the map to determine if there is any real evidence by the original mapmaker.



Often many of these maps are copied from other mapmakers based on 'known' evidence.



Which is why 1 or 2 is probably the most likely scenario.




And see....even Sorianofan agrees with me...which is saying a lot.

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