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Going into the 9th the padres were winning 3-2


At the end of the 9th the padres won 15-2.


They scored a total of 12 runs in the 9th.


Top 9th: San Diego

-S. Burroughs tripled to deep right center, R. Hernandez and R. Aurilia scored

-P. Nevin singled to left, S. Burroughs scored, M. Loretta to second

-J. Payton doubled to deep center, M. Loretta and P. Nevin scored

-K. Robinson singled to right, J. Payton scored, K. Greene to third

-R. Hernandez singled to center, K. Greene scored, K. Robinson to third

-T. Long singled to right, K. Robinson scored, R. Hernandez to second

-S. Burroughs singled to center, R. Hernandez scored, T. Long to third

-B. Giles homered to deep right center, S. Burroughs and M. Loretta scored


Simply wow

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