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Superior Crap-Smacking Sticks

Flag Man

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It's not "the economy stupid" as Clinton once said. It's the offense. Now more than ever.

Pitching staff is dessiminated. (Didn't bother looking that up.) (Sounds like lacking semen.)

We have been beaten by poor pitchers who had big sticks supporting them.

Now we need our sticks to smoothe out the oncoming pitching bumps (pardon the pun.)


I still contend it will turn on the Three Horsemen, Lo Duca, Lowell and Conine.

Cabs, Gonzo, Enc' can come through big-time but without Lo Duca, Lowell and Conine consistently producing through the stretch... the stretch will be at the end of a rope.


I'm proud of our Marlins. Now all they have to do is smack the crap out of the ball with a vengeance.


This can be done.

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I suggest moving Conine into the 3 hole and Lo Duca into the 6.? That way Lo Duca can get a little bit more rest while we go through the ringer here.


Then again, I was the only one really pushing for Conine to hit 3rd and one of the few who believed he would hit again.


Among the consistent Niner supporters, I agree with moving him now to 3rd in the order.

I was really astonished to read recently that Jack was surprised to see how good Conine is at first. He has played more games at first than he has in the OutField! And I remember him as the Marlins 1B.

IMO Conine back at first has added to his batting. Just as Cab's on his customary left side has added to his comfort, confidence and batting.

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I think the lineup is slightly flawed, but many studies have shown it matters very little over the course of the a season what your batting order is.


My ideal lineup:











Lo Duca should not be hitting 3rd and Conine certainly should not be hitting 3rd. Generally you want your best hitter in the 3rd slot and Conine is not that. I dont understand why you would even want to switch Conine and Lo Doca. Paul hits for a better avg, more power, and gets on base more. So...why?

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The whole season comes down, game by game, to clutch hitting.


That's why I say Lo Duca, Lowell and Conine, no matter where they are hitting in the line-up.


Nobody else you would choose in a clutch situation.

Seasoned aggressive veterans who have been there... done that...

and ready to do it again

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Shamrock, LoDuca's been in a slump. Might be best to move him to 2nd, where his tendency to ground out won't result in as many DPs and where he might find better pitches to hit.

Castillo or Pierre could then move further down the order (Pierre is a better fit IMO, because his isolated discipline, OBP-AVG, is 30 points less than Luiy's) to help the bottom of the order.

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