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Which NL East team do you think is the main rival?


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tough question. it's hard to see us as rivals to the braves, seeing as we've never finished ahead of them, but i do think a lot of hardcore braves fans are still sore about the 1997 NLCS (one of my friends who's a braves fan STILL harasses me about eric gregg's strike zone - as if greg maddux hasn't gotten every single borderline call in the past 10 years!). of course the geographic closeness and the presence of braves fans in florida means the pieces for this one are in place, but until they have a few more knock-down-drag-out matchups with something big on the line, i don't think it's quite the #1 rivalry (maybe if we meet in the NLCS this year...). the phillies rivalry has gotten really good the past few years. but for some reason i just gotta pick the mets. seem's we've had a lot of great games with them the past few years, we've been in contention for the same wild card spot a few times, a lot of players have moved between both teams, and the new york contingent that shows up at the pro for those games definitely raises the stakes. that said, i don't think any of these rivalries approaches dolphins-jets, sox-yankees, cubs-cardinals, giants-dodgers.


if the fish have a real rival, it's the national media.

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