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Dolphin Quotes

Ice Man

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Credit finheaven.com -mimairick



The following are some quotes with what I think they would say if they could...kinda.



QB A.J. Feeley


(On the difficulty of playing quarterback while being pressured from a pass rush) ? ?Personally I can step it up. As a collective unit we all have to get better. I wouldn?t single out a specific group. We?re all in this together and we need everyone to come together and get better as a whole in order to get this thing right. It?s just a matter of getting on the same page.?


What he really meant to say: "It's not my fault the line in front of me couldn't block their way out of a paper bag. Thank God Wade Smith is getting benched. Hopefully that will help."


(On dealing with the negative perception of the offense being portrayed in the media) ? ?It?s not that tough for us. As long as we stay with this group and we look at each other in the eye every time we go out there to practice and we?re accountable to one another. We don?t get caught up in the stuff you hear the media saying or what everyone else is saying. Once you leave practice you don?t watch the news or read the newspaper.?


What he really meant to say: "If I were one of you guys I would write the same damned things you are. Hell yes we look at the papers and check out FinHeaven.com on the Internet but we can't let you guys know that. I just hope my line does a better job this week. And one more thing...I would like to publicly thank McMichaels for saving my azz by deflecting that horrible pass...where was he on that other one though?"


(On his thoughts on the Bengals game after watching film) ? ?You can take some good and some bad from the game. Obviously we need to improve. I?d like to have a couple of balls back. There are other guys who would probably like to have a couple plays back where we missed assignments. But that?s why we have a 16-week schedule. We have 14 more games to go and we need to improve. We?ve got to make a change and we?ve got to get something going here.?


What he really meant to say: "I almost puked watching the game film..enough said."


(On possibly using the shotgun formation vs. the Steelers) ? ?The only reason why I like the shotgun is because when you get in a situation when the center is pretty wet because he?s been sweating a lot, it makes it difficult to get the center exchange. Other than that it makes no difference to me.?


What he really meant to say is: "McKinney's azz sweats too damned much. It's like he's peeing from his butt. Its like he's got a freaking faucet back there. Would you want to stick your hands down there? Is it against league rules to have your center wear a diaper? Give that man some azz-deodorant and beano while your at it too, will ya?"


(On seeing a lot of blitzes from the Steelers) ? ?I predict we will see a lot of blitzes. Until we pick it up or until we make adjustments, I?m assuming every team will come after us. We need to show something this week that we can counter it with a quick throw or hit someone deep and make them scared to do it.?


What he really meant to say: "If those guys up front don't block....I'm dead. Did I mention I'm happy about that whole Wade Smith being benched thing?"


(On the running game needing to be established) ? ?You want to go into the game expecting to run the football. But if it doesn?t happen it?s on me to get the ball out and get yards and points on the board that way. I?m all for that, but if we can run the football that would help. If not, then let?s throw it and I?m fine with that.?


What he really meant to say: "I hope Ricky gets rammed in the tail by a giant rhino in Australia. Plus he ran away with my stash!!"


(On the confidence of the Dolphins football team) ? ?You have to. You come into the year not knowing what?s going to happen but believing you?re going to be successful. It?s the same thing now. You?ve got to have faith. We?re all working toward a common goal. Once you lose that faith and confidence you probably shouldn?t be on the field.?


What he really meant to say: "I kinda knew we were going to suck but who cares? I wasn't going to turn down all that money. Isn't my girlfriend hot?"


(On the offense?s ability to be productive) - ?We have our spurts when you see things are together and going great and we are moving the ball. It?s a matter of erasing those negative things, those negative plays like penalties and turnovers.?


What he really meant to say: "Things are working and then some a-hole decides he wants to commit a penalty. We can't do anything from 1st and 10 let alone 1st and twenty."


(On if is this a must win game this week vs. the Steelers) ? ?Every game is a must win.?


What he really meant to say: "Heck yeah...I don't want to go back to the bench!"


DE Jason Taylor


(On the fact that the last time the Dolphins were 0-3 was 1969) - ?It?s been two days now since we?ve been 0-2. We?ll get ready to go on Sunday and see what happens. We?re optimistic still. I know 0-2 feels like we are 0-12, but we?ve got a few days and we get to play again against a tough team. We?ll give it our best shot.?


What he really meant to say: "Damm..I wasn't even born then...I miss JJ."


(On how wining a game will help the team?s morale) - ?It will change the attitude here in the locker room and in the city. What better time to do it than Sunday against a quality team. If we can stop doing the dumb things we do, we?ll have a chance to win.?


What he really meant to say: A win will save some of those guys on offense from an azz-whoopin'. If they continue to do that stupid crap, someone is gonna get a smack down over there."


T Damion McIntosh


(On whether he is rushing to get back on the field because the team needs him) - ?No, I?m ready. I?ve improved and I?ve shown that I?m able to take on the physical aspect of it. As long as I know I can go out there and perform at a high level I?ll be OK playing. I?ve played with way worse injuries and was still able to perform.?


What he really meant to say: "Have you seen the level of play from our former LT? I think I woulda been asked to play even if I was still on crutches. That dude flat out sucks!"


(On his anxiety to play this week) - ?It?s been a while. I haven?t been on the field since last November and I?m looking forward to being out on the field and contributing to the team.?


What he really meant to say: "Man, I'm just trying to keep our QB from getting killed out there. Has anyone done anything about McKinney's sweaty azz yet?"


WR Derrius Thompson


(On being frustrated by not being able to get the ball to the receivers) ? ?What?s frustrating is being 0-2. We?re trying to go out there and get a win this week.?


What he really meant to say: "What are you asking me for? Is Chambers already taken gone for the day? I don't get the ball anyways so go ask someone else."



RB Lamar Gordon


(On the Steelers defense) - ?They run a 3-4 scheme and they can come at you a lot of different ways. They have four different linebackers that can come at you at any time.?


What he really meant to say: "If the guys up front don't block, Lamar gets killed. Lamar needs some personal time now. His ego was shaken a little bit by that horrible performance from the rest of the offense. I think Lamar will ask to be moved to the cool side of the locker room with the defense. Maybe Lamar won't get his butt kicked when the fights break out on Sunday after the game. Would it be possible to get a trade back to St. Louis?"


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