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Sad but addicting


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I was bored a little today so plugged in my old snes and put in the super gameboy which allows you to play your game boy games on the tv screen and I dig in my old game bin for anything and pull out Pokemon Red :plain


I plug it in, expecting to get bored in 30 minutes and then go do real work and all of a sudden I'm sucked back into 1999 addicted to the game. Thankfully, I'm not addicted so much into all the card and merchandice bs which ruined the series but just the game.


I've been playing for four hour today and am ashamed but once again sucked back into the world of Pokemon the game :plain

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i know what u mean...me and my brother hooked up our old Atari which we hadnt played since around 1988 and we got hooked...played it for like a week stright when we finally decided it was time to come back to 2004



I got Midway's arcade classics on my Gamecube, and I've been wasting hours on Robotron and Defender. Good stuff.

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