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WS breakdown


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By position:

C. Matheny vs. Varitek. Both have great gloves. Difference is, Varitek can hit as well. Edge: Bo Sox

1B. Pujols vs. Ortiz. Ortiz can match up well against Pujols offensively, but not defensive. Edge: Cardinals

2B. Womack vs. Bellhorn. Despite a weak second half, Bellhorn was much better offensively than Womack. Edge: Bo Sox

3B. Rolen vs. Mueller. Not even close. Mueller's a really good player and one of my favorites, but he doesn't come close to Rolen. Edge: Cards

SS. Cabrera vs. Renteria. Both had mediocre years offensively, Both are great defensively. It's a push on offense, and a push on defense. Push Renteria's a lot better offensively. Edge: Cards

LF. Sanders vs. Ramirez. Not even close. Ramirez, while lousy defensively, is still the best hitter in baseball not named Bonds. Sanders is decent but nothing special. Edge: Bo Sox

CF. Edmonds vs. Damon. Not even close. Damon is good, but Edmonds is the best centerfielder in basseball.

RF. Walker vs. Nixon. Both can hit, but only Walker can field. Edge: Cards.

Overall Offense: Bo Sox. Cards have a great lineup and have a great foursome but after Pujols, Rolen, Edmonds, and Walker, they don't have much. the Box Sox beat them with their depth, where they are tough from top to bottom.

Overall Defense: Cards, by far. Especially when they play at St. Louis and David Ortiz has to field.

Rotation: Bo Sox. That is, if they have a healthy Schilling

Bullpen: Bo Sox. Keith Foulke easily beats Jason Isringhausen in the battle of ex A's closers, and that's all the matters in this category

Manager: Cards. Even though LaRussa's teams have notably failed in the postseason, he still beats Francona with experience.

Prediction: It all comes down to whether or not Schilling's healthy. If he is, Red Sox in 6. If not, Cards in 6.

Best hitter: Ramirez vs. Pujols. they are the second and third best hitters in baseball respectively, but Ramirez is slightly better. Edge: Bo Sox

2nd best hitter: Ortiz vs. Edmonds. Push.

3rd best hitter: Nixon vs. Rolen. Edge: Cards

4th best hitter: Varitek vs. Walker. Edge: Cards

5th best hitter: Millar vs. Mabry. Edge: Bo Sox

6th best hitter: Damon vs. Sanders Edge: Bo Sox

7th best hitter: Bellhorn vs. Womack Edge: Bo Sox

8th best hitter: Mueller vs. Renteria Edge: Bo Sox

9th best hitter: Cabrera vs. Matheny Edge: Bo Sox

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