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What a great article.


If Kerry wins, this magazine will be in opposition from Inauguration Day forward. But the most important battles will take place within the Republican Party and the conservative movement. A Bush defeat will ignite a huge soul-searching within the rank-and-file of Republicandom: a quest to find out how and where the Bush presidency went wrong. And it is then that more traditional conservatives will have an audience to argue for a conservatism informed by the lessons of history, based in prudence and a sense of continuity with the American past?and to make that case without a powerful White House pulling in the opposite direction.



I?ve heard people who have known George W. Bush for decades and served prominently in his father?s administration say that he could not possibly have conceived of the doctrine of pre-emptive war by himself, that he was essentially taken for a ride by people with a pre-existing agenda to overturn Saddam Hussein. Bush?s public performances plainly show him to be a man who has never read or thought much about foreign policy. So the inevitable questions are: who makes the key foreign-policy decisions in the Bush presidency, who controls the information flow to the president, how are various options are presented?

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What a cop out.


I would expect the "anybody but Bush" arguement to come out from the ignorant mouths of some american voters, but not any self-respecting publication.


And I can guarantee you that no political operative with more than dog shitte in his head, regardless of their political affiliation, would trade no less than 4 years of the opposition's white house occupancy for an opportunity to assess thier own party's misgivings.


Anyone who stands soley behind the "ABB" aruement is an ignoramous who is too stupid to assess the positive aspects of both candidates and make an educated decision.

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