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Chad vs. Champ


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There aren't a lot of toys in Chad Johnson's world.


There's the iPod he bought earlier this week.


"Love it," he says. "I've got 400-500 songs - Tupac, R. Kelly. I've got 9,000 to go."


Then there's the 1971 Chevrolet Caprice Classic. Pink exterior and interior. Detailed with his initials on one headrest and his number on the other. Four images of the cartoon character Piglet decorate the car inside and out.


The significance?


"Just the color, baby," Johnson says. "It was the only thing that matched."


There is one toy that he wants, but he's going to make himself earn it.


"I very badly want a Lamborghini, but I need to play a little bit more and see if the off-field money will take care of the Lamb," Johnson says.


sounds hawt

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