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The I Hope the Curse

Ice Man

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Call me crazy. I was rooting for the sox to win this. But not like this. Theyre up

3-0. Theyre in position to sweep here. If they don't, theyre still going to win. Unless...



Well....Heres my plan:


We ressurect Babe 'figgen Ruth(don't worry, I have an army of nercophe...err...mancers...necromancers....) He dresses up like Grady Little, Who happens to be in an Aaron Boone NYY Jersey. Then he beats the living daylights out of David Ortiz...Now I love Papi, but its for the best.


Wait, thats the worst idead in the history of bad ideas.





Anyway. What I'm saying is, If the Red Sox win, I have to listen to like 3 of my teachers, a s*** load of kids at school including my friend tell me how f***ing great this team is. Plus, that makes Massacusettes happy. I CANT f***ING HAVE THAT. THE PATRIOTS ARE IN NEW f***ING ENGLAND. The need to loose too, btw. (but thats another topic) And if Massachusettes is happy, that means my lamne ass family memebers are going to be all f***ing cheery this holiday season. Theyre so annoying. And I'll have to listen to "man, those sox are something else" instead of "pass the damn gravy" (last year they didnt want to talk baseball at all, but i had to hear "man, them Pats are something else"


Do you understand, if the Sox win this. The World as we know it will end.



WE Flljmfkjnb'dmvblkjnlkcxncv/aHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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You remember how you felt last year? Right? Now multiply that by 100 and that's what these people are feeling. As a Mets fan I was lucky enough to see my team win, most of these people thought they would never see their team win. Could you imagine that? Going through life rooting for a team you pretty much know won't win but still doing so because you love them ... that's why I respect these Sox fans. They deserve it.

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