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What is a "likely voter"?


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Ever want to know what a "likely voter" is? Well, a lot of you on here most likely do not qualify as one.



Have been in his or her place of residence for at least 4 years, that is has to have been registered to vote from the same location last time around.



Has to have voted last time around.



Has to have a land-line (pollsters are not allowed to call cellphones)



and be near this land-line, willing to pick up the phone and take a survey between the hours of 8am and 7pm.



Now that basically discredits all those new young voters. Also, that means those who can not afford phones or those who only have cell phones. So these polls are not that accurate, especially if the youth vote comes out this year.

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Theres actually nothings wrong with polls using the likely voter criteria, all this shows is that polls give a general idea and should not be used as 100% determinants of election results. Either way as a younger newly registered voter, statistics show very low voter turnout for that demographic, so if you're in that you are not a likely voter, which does not mean you arent going to vote.

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