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Taken from the official star wars newsletter




The eagerly awaited teaser trailer for Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith premieres worldwide next week on starwars.com Hyperspace. In the early afternoon of Thursday, November 4 (US time), the trailer will be available for high quality download only to members of starwars.com Hyperspace, in partnership with AOL. Make sure you're signed up today, and be the first to see completed moving images from the final Star Wars film.


To fully experience this first look at Revenge of the Sith, you'll have to head to movie theaters starting Friday, November 5. In the US and Canada, the trailer will appear in front of The Incredibles, the latest film from Pixar.


If you haven't seen it by then, the trailer will be posted on starwars.com for everyone to see starting Monday, November 8.


With the rest of the Star Wars saga now on DVD, fans have the ability to watch the teaser trailers of the entire saga in anticipation of the Episode III release. The evolution of trailer styles is markedly visible by watching all these early introductions to the Star Wars saga.

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i for one liked that they made the new movies,yea the acting wasnt the best but the story had to be put on film for everyone to see especially for the new generation of fans that really didnt know what starwars was because it had been gone for so long...as for the trailer i cant wait.

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