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Nuke the moon...

Ice Man

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Who else thinks the US should nuke the moon? Seriously, it would show the world that we don't f*** around. World leaders would be like,


"Damn, I guess we should do what The US says..."






"They f***in nuked the moon, man..."



I know alot of you are like, "what the f***, are you crazy?" And the answer, in short, is yes.


But, It' s not like we'd have to blow the moon away...just a big chunk...



A constant reminder to the world....the new US slogan, "The United States of America, you thought we were a**hole before..."

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Nukes aren't all that interesting an an airless environment - there's nothing to propagate the shock wave.




That's why we have to do it armageddon stlyle...drill into the Moon and plop one in...not too deep, we don't need to mess the the gravitational pull or whatever.

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I did debate last year and in Congress we introduced a bill to blow up the moon. It passed. :plain



I think it'd be better to blow it in half. Having two moons would kick ass.

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