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With the Cubs dumping Sosa on the Orioles that officially takes Orioles out of the bidding war for the slugging outfielder, could this mean the Cubs would be a front runner? If so can they bring us trouble? Alou is gone, and so would sosa, hope they don't nail magz and end up trading one of their aces, it would balance us out and make me more confident about our 1997, and 2003 world champs.

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They also have Zambrano. You could argue their infield is one of the best in baseball offensivley Patterson needs to improve..career .303 OBP is uuuuugly. They also need to replace the corner outfielders. But I wouldnt count them out with that infield of theirs.


I hate when people like Neyer argue that you have to have a good outfield. Why does it matter where your hitter play on the field? If you guys recall, people were saying the same thing about the Marlins going into 2003 on how they had the worst outfield in baseball.

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