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Pierre Pierce, the Hawkeye basketball star whose sexual-assault charge dominated headlines for months in 2002, could face a slew of charges as early as today after allegedly burglarizing a Des Moines woman's home and stealing more than $1,000 in property.


West Des Moines police are investigating an alleged incident at a condominium on the 200 block of South 79th Street late last week, but officials refused to comment until more information surfaces.


Consulting a police report, West Des Moines police Lt. Jeff Miller listed first-degree burglary, second-degree criminal mischief, false imprisonment, and assault with intent to commit injury as potential charges against Pierce.


Between 11 p.m. on Jan. 27 and the early morning of Jan. 28, the Hawkeye guard allegedly stole $1,300 in household items, including a television, stereo, photos, and bedroom furniture.


UI officials refused to comment.


"We don't have any details, so we can't say anything," said Steve Parrott, the director of University Relations. "I think that the athletics department is trying to find out what happened."


Pierce was at practice on Monday, and he is expected to train with the team the rest of the week, said UI Sports Information Director Phil Haddy. Iowa will play Michigan State on Saturday at Carver-Hawkeye Arena; Pierce's game status is unknown.


"We'll wait and see how things all fall out before we make any comment," Iowa coach Steve Alford said on his weekly radio call-in show on the Hawkeye Radio Network.


"We'll figure out exactly what's going on and we'll figure out where to go from there."


Numerous calls to Pierce's cell phone were not answered; a man who answered the door at Pierce's 2402 Bartelt St. apartment said the basketball player was not home.


In November 2002, Pierce pleaded guilty to a charge of assault causing injury, a serious misdemeanor, after originally facing a third-degree sexual-assault charge, a Class C felony. According to court reports, Pierce held a former Iowa women's basketball player's hands above her head and stifled her attempts to scream for help while performing unwanted sex acts on her at his former residence.

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Well, I'm only going to make this post in this thread then im done... its been a something that i've been involved in for the last 3 days and i can't take much more of this subject cuz its taking a toll on me.


I'm not going to comment on what happened in DSM until the details are released because right now they could be making it worse then it really was or not as bad as it really was.


The incident 2 years ago split Iowa fans in 2 groups and really took a hit on attendance and the following of Iowa basketball.. and it was a big deal at the time and still has its lingering affects. This is really where Alford lost a lot of support from a certain group of people. Do I fault him for doing it? No. I was on the side that said he should have a second chance.. he didn't have a criminal record before and i think everyone deserves a second chance. But, If this is true and he did committ a crime, there is NO QUESTION he should be kicked off the team. And I give Alford a lot of crap for his coaching record at Iowa but I real feel bad for him on this one. He stuck his neck out for this kid and stood behind him the whole time and gave him a chance to start over, like many many coaches have done before, Thompson with Iverson, etc etc. But Pierre, for whatever reason, screwed it all up and has nobody to blame but himself. I hope the young man gets some help. This is taking a bigger affect on me then I thought it would and i can only imagine how it is affecting the rest of the team, coaches, fans and families because I truly thought Pierre just made a mistake and was moving on.. guess I was wrong. As for fans of other schools that I've come accross that are almost happy about this, I just say grow up. Because the kid needs some help.. families, fans, coaches, players are all going to have to move on without their teammate and to think that's funny or whatever, when there is a victim and a kid with troubles, is just wrong.


Anyway, that's all I have to say. I hope his GF is all right.. I hope the media hearsay is making it worse than it is. I hope Pierre ges some help and I hope he isn't on the team when we play MSU on Saturday.


...and I hope the players and coaches respond on the court and our fans come to support the hell out of them.

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West Des Moines Police are currently investigating allegations of Burglary, Criminal Mischief, and False Imprisonment.


The charge of Assault w/ Intent to Commit Injury was changed to Assault w/ Intent to Commit Sexual Abuse. This was due to an error when filing the original report.

We are working closely with the Dallas County Attorney?s Office. The focus of the investigation is on Pierre Pierce. There is no timeline of when a decision will be made on charges. The investigation is on-going. No details are being released pending the results of the investigation.


West Des Moines Police Detectives plan to interview Mr. Pierce in the near future. When more information is available for release, another press release will come out.


The bold in that statement is very interesting based on Pierce's history...

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