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He throws a fastball that has minimul tailing movement to it in the high 80's, topping out at about 90mph. His signature pitch, however, is his breaking ball, a "screwball" that he can throw off the outside corner against righties and in on the hands of lefties. It's really more of a circle change movement with a lot of sink and he drops it in at about 76 mph for a good differential from his fastball. He also throws a low 80's slider from time to time, but rarely for strikes.



Mecir is successful when he locates his fast ball early in the count for strikes. When he is ahead, he will inevitably throw his screwball down and out of the zone and gets lots of swing and misses and pop-ups from the occasional batter who is anticipating the low offspeed pitch with an uppercut swing.


When he is behind in the count, which is only slightly less often then when he is ahead, he is very hittable. His fast ball is not hard or deceptive enough to throw by hitters, so when he is behind, they generally sit on it and tee off on it when it is thrown around the zone.


Mecir tended to get lucky breaks alot when he was with the A's. His record should have been even worse than it was. He was often dug out of jams by the likes of Bradford or Rincon (believe it or not) and he had a lot of fly balls that were just short of home runs. I think he'll do well in the NL East in short relief, especially against right handed power batters with no runners on. (he made vlad guererro look silly a couple of times)


I predict he would finish the season, if he does remain healthy, which at his age and clubfootedness is unlikely, with a line something like:


4.37 ERA 48.2 IP 31 K's and 22 BB.

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