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Clemens has a funky clause in his contract


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Feb. 6 - Could Roger Clemens ultimately end up back with the Yankees? Newsday reports that if the Astros fall out of the race this season, Clemens has an agreement with owner Drayton McLane to waive his no-trade clause and go back to New York.


It's not known whether he would accept a deal elsewhere, like Boston, but the Rocket isn't going to speak publicly about something that's supposed to be top secret, Newsday indicated. Clemens became the highest paid pitcher in major league history on Jan. 21 when the seven-time Cy Young Award winner agreed to a one-year, $18 million deal.

from espn rumor mill

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Let him go back to the Yankees, he'll take an ego hit not being their go to guy and was showing signs of slowing down his last 2 seasons. I think it's a mistake if he leaves the NL.


Hmmm....this sounds alot like Pedro...slowing down, ego hits, mistakes....


But Roger hasnt slowd much...you dont slow down when you win CY's.

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Notice how Clemens cant perfom in big games no more examples 2003 world seris,the 2004 all star game,2004 play offs he gets cared :anon



ERA in the postseason 2003: 3.52 (2-0 record)

ERA in the postseason 2004: 3.60 (2-1 record)


Yeah, I'd say he's done... :confused



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Guest Moneyball

Damn...yanks don't really have anything to give back tho


Exactly. Who are they gonna trade for him?




Knowing the Yankees maybe one of their young starters that's going through a tough period.

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