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Astericks on Records?

Flag Man

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Should there be astericks on accomplishments?


e.g. *Admitted or adjudicated steroid use


I think so. But, then do we go into herbal and vitamin supplements? I hope not.

Steroids were prohibited. But, without enforcement, the temptation for career and financial success over-whelmed some players.


MLB is guilty as hell. But, I think the individual astericks will be necessary.

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No, there shouldn't be.


Asterisks are for people that need to be told how to think.



Every baseball fan that cares about baseball will always place a mental asterisk next to the accomplishments of Bonds, Giambi and Sheffield because they cheated.


As far as those whose names were tossed around by Canseco, IMO it's just way too little to implicate anyone especially when Canseco's own accounts are wrong. Apparantly, the spring training game (Mariners vs. Angels) in which Canseco said he had approached Boone about steroids while conversing with him at second base after getting a double was one in which he never actually got a double.


Of course that's hardly a surprise, the guy isn't exactly the most credible man in the world, but he's definitely not a complete liar either. I'm sure that some of the guys he implicated took roids.


I think McGwire did do steroids, and Sosa probably as well but some of these other guys like Palmeiro who had maintained a consistent performance for 10 straight years while not suffering any serious injuries at all is hard to swallow.

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