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A 'semi' answer to the Krispy Kreme question


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The Marlins recently announced their promotional dates for 2005. I didn't see any mention of the Krispy Kreme Doughnuts deal the Marlins had a year ago. Will we hear chants of "We want doughnuts" this season? I hope so. -- Christine B., Jupiter, Fla.


A number of you have sent in e-mails on this subject. Obviously, the Krispy Kreme deal was quite popular and created some fun whenever the Marlins closed in on a dozen hits during home games. As of now, the team is still discussing whether that promotion will return. Since Opening Day is April 5, there is some time.


It certainly was quite entertaining to see if the team would get 12 hits, which allowed fans to redeem their ticket stubs for a dozen doughnuts at the South Florida Krispy Kreme stores. Also being reviewed is the Papa John's Pizza promotion. The Papa John's deal designated a specific pitcher for a month. If that pitcher collected the win at a home game, fans could receive a free small cheese pizza, courtesy of Papa John's.



C/O Joe Frisaro and FloridaMarlins.com

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I think that if they do bring back the promotion, they will probably raise the hit total. I mean, Krispy Kreme will lose money if they try that stunt again this year.


They thought they would fool us into coming to the store and actually buying something.




I laugh at this idea.




Yes, it was Marlin's fans who had the last laugh. We want free food, and we will get free food. The American tradition--don't pay for something if you can get it for free.




Who ever said "There's no such thing as a free lunch?"



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This was a great promotion I think that we were at like 3 of the games, including the very first one which was a blast because Krispy Kreme didnt know what they were getting. There was one game where they got the 12 hits, so on the way out we were just asking random people for there tickets and we ended up with like 10 dozen doughnuts. Hopefully they bring it back this year.

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