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Baseball Joke


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so farmer john just died, and he goes to hell. the devil goes to check on his newest soul, and finds john sitting in a lawn chair, relaxing. the devil, a little put off by his content, says, why are you relaxing? and the farmer says, "well, this heat reminds me of the summers relaxing on my porch"


so the devil walks back to his office, goes to the thermousdat and turns up the heat. the next day he finds farmer john wistling away. Why are you so happy now? farmer says, well this heat reminds me of working in the silo with my friends. so the devil, certainly purturbed, goes to the office, cranks the AC to -20 below, and looks for the farmer. the farmer is extatic, and he yells HORAAAY! this is the greatest day ever! the CUBS WON THE WORLD SERIES!

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