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So, how do you think the Fish will perform in ST?


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How do you think the Fish will perform in ST? Also, what kind of refection will it make on the regular season.


Last year, Castro, and Nunez show off during the preseason, but ere a dissapointment once the show got started. Will any minor leaguers be able too pull off a 'Nunez' and find a spot in the dugout on opening day?


How will our best prospects perform? :ramp


Just a few weeks until baseball is back, and im looking for opinions!

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spring training is basically just for players to stratch their legs, practice what they had forgotten during the off season, to meet the additions to the Fish family, and to see how well they work together. it doesnt show too much, as it is only a month, and the real season is much longer. many things can happen during the 05 season. so basically, spring training is a little glimpse on whats to come. im expecting good things from willingham. i have a feeling about him.

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who is this Willingham guy?


anyway Ill be rooting for Luke and Nate


What about Trev and Skyler?


yea.... them too


Luke, Nate, Trev and Skyler


and whoever that Willingham guy is?.... Does he throw hard? I hear he has a wicked changeup

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The real question is whether Jack will play ST games to win (as a prelude to the season) or whether he'll use them to showcase and examine the skills of prospects and would-be players.




I figure he'll use the games to showcase talent and check his player's health. (conine, enc and spooney). I doubt the games will be played to win considering Mckeon doesnt want to risk injury to any key players during sT

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Beware of batting prodigies in Spring Training... What happens is that below average players use this time to showcase themselves to see if they can make the team. 400 averages in ST are highly deceptive. These players just want to impress the manager; look what happened with Nu?ez. I will be looking forward to both Willingham and Treanor for the backup catcher job; I am not sold on Mike DiFelice. Also, another one to follow closely is Messenger; he can be a good option for future closer (I am not sold out on Mota either).

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