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T.A. McClendon

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T.A. McLendon signs as Falcons free agent


Associated Press


RALEIGH, N.C. - Oft-injured North Carolina State running back T-A McClendon has signed as a rookie free agent with the Atlanta Falcons, but there's a line ahead of him for a roster spot.


McClendon gave up his final year of eligibility to make himself available for the N-F-L draft, but he was never selected.


He scored 35 touchdowns for the Wolfpack, good enough for third-best in school history, but injuries stymied his progress.


McClendon missed one game as a freshman, when he was named the A-C-C rookie of the year and first-team all-conference after finishing with eleven-hundred-and-one yards rushing and 16 touchdowns. He missed four more games as a sophomore, then struggled with shoulder and hamstring ailments last season.


Atlanta was the top running team in the N-F-L last season thanks to quarterback Michael Vick, and running backs Warrick Dunn and T-J Duckett. The Falcons also picked running back DeAndra Cobb of Michigan State in the sixth round.





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That's weird. I got my information for this from an ESPN Todd McShay article today. Here is what it said:


Miami Dolphins

Key additions: RB Kay-Jay Harris, QB Brock Berlin, RB T.A. McLendon, WR Josh Davis and TE Alex Holmes.


Other top free-agent prospects by position

Jason White, QB, Oklahoma (unsigned); Timmy Chang, QB, Hawaii (Cardinals); Bryan Randall, QB Virginia Tech (Falcons); Gino Guidugli, QB, Cincinnati (Titans); Chris Rix, QB, Florida State (unsigned); Brock Berlin, QB, Miami (Dolphins); Walter Reyes, RB, Syracuse (Titans); T.A. McLendon, RB, N.C. State (Dolphins); Ray Hudson, RB, Alabama (unsigned); Keith Joseph, FB, Texas A&M (unsigned); Will Matthews, FB, Texas (unsigned); Steve Savoy, WR, Utah (unsigned); Josh Davis, WR, Marshall (Dolphins); Lance Moore, WR, Toledo (Browns); Reggie Harrell, WR, TCU (Cowboys); Carlyle Holliday, WR, Notre Dame (Cardinals); Adam Bergen, TE, Lehigh (Cardinals); Garrett Cross, TE, Cal (Packers); Alex Holmes, TE, USC (Dolphins); Dave Kashetta, TE, Boston College (Redskins); Erik Pears, OT, Colorado State (Broncos); Jon Doty, OT, Kansas State (Panthers); Kyle Wallace, OT, Georgia Tech (Giants); C.J. Brooks, OG, Maryland (unsigned); Jonathan Clinkscale, OG, Wisconsin (unsigned); Sam Mayes, OG, Oklahoma State (unsigned); Vince Carter, OC, Oklahoma (unsigned); George Gause, DE, South Carolina (unsigned); Jonathan Jackson, DE, Oklahoma (Bears); Jim Davis, DE, Virginia Tech (Jaguars); Simon Fraser, DE, Ohio State (Browns); Lynn McGruder, DT, Oklahoma (Buccaneers); Derreck Robinson, DT, Iowa (Chargers); Lorenzo Alexander, DT, Cal (Panthers); Tim Bulman, DT, Boston College (Cardinals); Marcus Lawrence, ILB, South Carolina (Panthers); Mike Goolsby, ILB, Notre Dame (unsigned); Derek Wake, OLB, Penn State (Giants); Zac Woodfin, OLB, UAB (Packers); Marques Harris, OLB, Southern Utah (Chargers); James Kinney, OLB, Missouri (Jaguars); Jonathan Pollard, OLB, Oregon State (Chargers); Aric Williams, DC, Oregon State (Eagles); Cedrick Williams, DC, Kansas State (unsigned); Abraham Elimimian, DC, Hawaii (Chargers); James Butler, FS, Georgia Tech (Giants); Matt Grootegoed, S, USC (Packers); Jamaal Brimmer, S, UNLV (Seahawks).

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Guest Fritz

Im surprised that Jamaal Brimmer wasn't drafted. He used to be a top safety. I wonder what happened. Could be a steal.


His Wonderlic score was extremely low.

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Hes not a Phin. The Dolphins signed 16 UDFA:


QB Brock Berlin (6-0, 213, 7/4/81, Miami (Fla.))

DE Van Brown (6-5, 265, 5/18/81, N.W. Oklahoma State)

LB Derek Curry (6-1, 236, 9/5/81, Notre Dame)

WR Josh Davis (6-0, 191, 12/11/80, Marshall)

DE John Denney (6-5, 275, 12/13/78, Brigham Young)

RB Kay-Jay Harris (6-0, 229, 3/27/79, West Virginia)

TE Alex Holmes (6-2, 265, 8/22/82, USC)

WR Luther Huggins (5-9, 190, 1/20/82, Central Florida)

WR Tony Madison (6-1, 204, 3/16/82, Kansas State)

S Mitch Meeuwsen (6-2, 205, 4/20/82, Oregon State)

CB/KR Shirdonya Mitchell (5-11, 190, 5/16/82, Missouri)

TE Joe Munson (6-3, 235, 5/23/83, Troy State)

TE Victor Sesay (6-5, 279, 11/19/80, Missouri)

DE Chris Solomona (6-4, 285, 9/3/82, Oregon)

DT Orrin Thompson (6-5, 315, 11/11/82, Duke)

LB Lionel Turner (6-2, 258, 2/21/82, Louisiana State)

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