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Delgado can't find April powers

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Delgado can't find April powers

The first baseman is off to a career-low start in home runs.

By Joe Capozzi


Palm Beach Post Staff Writer


Saturday, April 30, 2005


PHILADELPHIA ? Just about one month into his first National League season, Carlos Delgado still hasn't answered the question of whether he can consistently hit home runs at spacious Dolphins Stadium ? or anywhere else for that matter.


Delgado, who has 338 career home runs, went into Friday's game with just two home runs -? one at Dolphins Stadium and the other at RFK Stadium in Washington. That will be a career low for April unless he has a big night tonight.


Through his first 12 seasons in the American League, Delgado averaged 5.5 home runs in April in his career, ranging from 10 in 2001 (he finished with 39) to four last season (32).


"I'm not feeling like I'm driving the ball," Delgado said. "I've been able to make contact and get some hits here and there. But in order to hit home runs, you've got to put yourself in the power position and I feel like I haven't done that."


Part of that, he said, is adjusting to a new league for the first time after 12 seasons with the Toronto Blue Jays.


"More than anything else, you're facing guys you've never faced before," he said.


Delgado hardly has been a slouch. He is batting .304 with 10 RBI through Friday and he has been enough of a threat to prompt several teams to employ a defense shift against him.


"The funny thing about home runs," he said, "is when you get hot they come in bunches."



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I'm confident Delgado will come around soon.


Wish I was that confident in Lowell's resurrection.


Delgado's transmission may be out of sync but Lowell's gears are broken.

Problem should have received more attention in Spring Training.


Problem is correctible. Bill Robinson is "okay" but we need someone better.

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Guest Juanky

I'm not worried about it. It's his first time in the NL...new pitchers, new parks...


Plus, he is hitting.


That's my opinion


Lowell, on the other.....if he's going to be a second half hitter this season, that's cool. But since we are used to him tearing up the first half and stinking it up in the second, I don't want him just stinking it up for the entire season.

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Guest Moneyball

put Conine at 1st and seat Delgado hes freaking pissing me OFF!!!!!!!!!!




You're an idiot.


He's hitting .300 and a .394 OBP.


He is ready to explode with his power. He is becoming more patient with each AB.

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