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Looking ahead.....

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Hey guys im new to the board. I know we're in the middle of a great season here. However what do you hope/expect the Marlins will look to do this upcoming offseason.


Who are the free agents will be saying goodbye to and who do you think we'll be wearing Marlins uni's next season.



Also, what propects will be up with the big league club.



Stir up some discussion on this one. Thanks

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Looking ahead is good sometimes, but I am more concerned about the current season and our chances of winning the whole thing. It looks like Hermida will be ready to take over in RF once Ency and Mr. Marlin become free agents. We might also see Alex move on, but I would guess he would re-sign with the Marlins for another 2-3 years. If he does move on, I am looking forward to seeing what Robert Andino can do for us. Every other position is solidified for 2006. JP's contract runs out, but he will be arbitration eligible, meaning he will continue to be under team control. On the pitching staff, Leiter will be gone and AJ will be a free agent. Moehler will also be a free agent, but I would imagine if he keeps pitching well he'll probably re-sign. If we can re-sign AJ, our rotation will be Josh, D-Train, AJ, and Moehler, leaving the fifth spot open up. I'd like to see Olsen get a chance to become our fifth starter. If AJ leaves, then we'll have to find two new starters. Dunno if we'll have two major league ready starters in our system. We'll see.

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