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Magic GM Weisbrod set to resign

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Rumors on other boards are that he is stepping aside either to bring in Saunders as a GM/coach or as a coach only with Smith and the other guy being GMs.



I liked the hockey guy. After one year with him, this team actually has a future unlike under Gabriel. The team is in good shape with:


-Howard developing into a possible star

-Nelson giving us solid numbers

-Francis either as still valuable trade bait

-The valuable expiring contracts of Christie and Cato



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Yeah, JW wasn't a bad GM. The only questionable moves he made were trading Keith Bogans and Cuttino Mobley. I liked him.


Yeah the Mobley trade wasnt the best but at least they are still flexible and have an expiring contract. A lot of GMs arent too bright and would have taken a player with a lot of salary left. I also wish he hasnt traded Verejo.

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