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Autgraphs @ Dolphin Stadium ..

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Since when does the "security" or "police" at Dolphins Stadium ask you to leave after the team bus has left? Unusual, as they were doing the parkling lot cleaning and such, they were telling -everyone- in the parking lot to leave or they would give you a ticket. A few guys at the players entrance were told they would be arrested if they didn't leave .. whats up with that?? That's unusual, it's bad enough the Marlins themselves never sign .. but now the cops are restricting us to 30 minutes maximum?


On a positive note, Castillo slowed and motioned for me to come over to his car as I politely asked him to sign an 8x10 for me. He had to sign and peel out before the crowd could reach his car :thumbup

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u guys gotta watch out these miami dade cops are trained to kill



They're trained to kill donuts is about it.


If I were a homeless person, then I would be worried, since they would plant a gun on me and shoot me to death, claiming I was a threat. Other than that, they aren't a problem.

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If it bothers you, then write a letter and air out.....seriously....please do so...


Spencer Linden

Customer Service

Florida Marlins

2267 Dan Marino Blvs

Miami, FL 33056


In all honesty, it won't change anything.

It was the stupid people from Dolphin Stadium who said "round em up and kick em out" and gave them the OK to boot us all. They told some family to leave even though they were cooking post-game.

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