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Props To Conine


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On his cover of Stone Temple Pilot's Plush on the Oh Say Can You Sing CD with songs performed by major leaguers.


I really liked his take on an already good song, the guy is talented.


You can find out more here:






Jeff had a reputation for being fairly hard-core. From interviews he?s given throughout the years, I knew he was a no-nonsense guy & true team leader. He was pretty serious at first, but as we got to talking, he was completely cool. Jeff was very candid & gave me a lot of behind-the-scenes baseball gossip that a fan could only dream of hearing. We set up our studio in his amazing memorabilia room. Signed bats, jerseys, pictures and baseballs filled the space. I asked to see his 2 World Series rings and he obliged. A lot of gold & diamonds. From the get go, Jeff was a solid singer. He picked a perfect song that matched his vocal tone. As his voice warmed up, he really began feeling the song. Again, a total pro ? you could just tell this is a guy that puts everything into what he?s doing at the moment. When I asked him to autograph my baseball, he ribbed me for having him sign a Little League ball! I was bummed when the session ended. I could have hung all day w. ?Conine the Barbarian? (given to him by Chris Berman).

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