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Bull-Pen Supervision

Flag Man

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Pitching Coach Wiley had a good look at everybody during Spring Training.

Now, into the Season, it strikes me his Dug-Out responsibilities takes a lot of his time.

Who (from the Bull-Pen) reports to him on how the Pen pitchers look (vis-a-vis development and the past hour.) When Wiley picks up the phone, does he give an order or does he ask how certain guys are looking that game?

Or does Jack (and Wiley) call the shots without Bull-Pen Coach in-put?


(Must admit I have a bias. I'd like to see Leiter working with the Pen Pitchers even if Al stays in the Starting Rotation.)


Anyway, who's in charge and what does the Bull-Pen Coach contribute?

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Usually the call for a reliever is the decision of the manager as to who to get up and get ready. Wiley's job is to make sure that pitcher is ready to face whoever he's called in to face, going over scouting reports and discussing pitch selection before the game. Dorante is the man in the pen and he's the bearer of bad news when whomever the manager as called for isn't ready or doesn't have anything to give. Pitching coaches though work with starters between games as well relievers too. Overall I think Wiley has done a good job with this staff. Leiter has helped with the other starters on the bench as one can see he's talking over situations with the young guys and that one day may be his strong point if he decides hopefully soon to become a pitching coach.

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