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Talk about ironic....


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Mark Felt was told to find Deep Throat -magazine

AP - Thu Jun 9, 5:38 PM ET

NEW YORK - Mark Felt, the former FBI official who unmasked himself as the legendary "Deep Throat" source who leaked Watergate secrets, twice led FBI probes into finding Deep Throat, The Nation magazine said on Tuesday. Combing through originally confidential FBI files now available to the public, co-writers David Corn and Jeff Goldberg found documents that showed Felt in charge of finding the source of Bob Woodward's and Carl Bernstein's Washington Post scoops that helped bring down President Richard Nixon.



:lol :lol


I just find that really funny....

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Guest marlins02

im sure mr. felt tried all he can to findout the truth.



He spent his days golfing with OJ looking for the real kill......errr, the real "Deep Throat".




well i can tell you the real killer was tiger's caddy and deep throat was the latin dude with the really thick accent who cut the grass.

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