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Where was this offense???


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Obviously the kid last night matched up against the Fish better than Maddux did.


I don't think too may teams in baseball would have faired better than the Marlins did against Mitre, he was absolutely lights out throwing those nasty sinking pitches all night. I give the kid credit, he belongs in the bigs for years to come.

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Some days you have it. Some days you don't.



The good news is they seem to be having it more consistantly lately.


Yup. And Mitre is a good pitcher. Willis was a purty good pitcher his first year too if you all remember. Just because the guy is new and all doesn't mean he sucks.

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4 Reasons why we hit so good today despite being shutout last night:


Greg Maddux doesn't have the same velocity in his pitches that he used too...so pounding him isn't such a big deal as it would have been a few years ago.


You could also say that a team usually gets more confidence when their pitchers in on their game. Obviously our "ace" wasn't on his game the game before, so our offense wasn't on their game either. But now that AJ is on his game, our offense is on their game and they're taking advantage of Wrigley field.


Also, JP who has been struggling, like pretty much all of our hitters, has had a great game today, and we really need him to get on base for our offense to get going. So him having a great game, and especially him, spured our offense.


You could also say that when a team gets creamed one night, they get very pissed and they take the next game really serious and they usually do very good and they try to do the samething that their opponent did to them. So the Marlins probably took some extra BP and their mindset was more aggressive, so that also helped our offense.

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