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Tarver vs. Johnson

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Quartey's shot but he's fighting another old fighter in Verno Phillips. Quartey was robbed of his moment of glory when he beat De la Hoya but they gave it to Oscar.


I like Glen Johnson, he's a tough guy with a ton of heart but Tarver wins.

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How the hell did Quartey win that, that's BS.


Simple, Phillips was out of shape. Phillips wins the first two rounds. Quartey then dominated the next six rounds. That makes it 78 - 74. The knockout makes it a 10 - 8 round for Phillips. 86 - 84. Phillips came out firing early on but wasn't landing much and proceeded to tire at the end. Quartey took control landing some nice shots and then had the late round flury. Final Card 96 - 93. Quartey wins despite the knockout because Phillips simply wasn't in fighting shape to contest Quartey in those key rounds.


One round can not win you a fight on the card.

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Great fight, but wow Glen Johnson. Johnson did not show that same heart that beat Roy Jones and Antonio Tarver. Instead he wasn't listening to his brilliant corner and let Tarver build up too much of a lead. Johnson didn't come on to late and by that time it was over. Tarver won that fight by building up a lead and having an opponent who wouldn't fight back early on despite the urging of his corner.

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