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3/3 Marlins vs Dodgers


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Nomo is pitching for LA.....


Al Martin loops a single into left field


Mike Redmond lines a ball into right field for a single... Al Martin to 2nd


Robert Stratton gidp(6-4-3)... Martin safe at 3b


Mike Mordecai strikes out


0-0 going to bottom 2nd

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Van Horne said Abe Nunez will be out 7 - 10 days with a bad hammy. It's going to be even harder for him to make the team. I'd like to see him play another full season in Triple A. He would be the first call-up in case of injury.


I'm hoping Banks and Martin make the team.

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Fred McGriff gounds out to DLee


Brian Jordan hits a double


Todd Hundley loops a single over Fox's head..... Jordan scores


Adrian Beltre pops out to Mordecai


Cezar Izturis grounds out to Mordecai, who apparently made a very nice play

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Josh Willingham hits for Pavano and nails a double


Gerald Williams walks.... Willingham to 2nd


Andy Fox bunts to Beltre.... JW and GW safe, Fox out at first


DLee hits a sac fly... JW scores, GW to 3rd




Lowell pops out to deep CF

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Pedro Borbon is new pitcher


Al Martin infield single


Mike Redmond lines a ball to RF, hit and run.... Martin to 3rd


Robert Stratton got out some how?


Mike Mordecai safe at first on bunt single, Martin scores, Red safe at 2nd...


2-1 Fish


Kevin Hooper strikes out


Gerald Williams hits a single to RF, Redmond stumbles around 3b and gets nailed at home

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Bottom 4..... 2-1 Fish


Tim Spooneybarger is the new pitcher


Fred McGriff nails one towards DLee but he "spears" the ball and beats McGriff to the bag..... Announcers say McGriff was robbed, it was a play that "even Panthers goalie Roberto Luongo" would be jealous of


Brian Jordan strikes out


Todd Hundley grounds out to DLee

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Top 5..... 2-1 Fish


Eric Gagne is new Dodgers pitcher


Andy Fox grounds to Izturis


DLee pops out to 1B




3-1 Fish


Al Martin grounds out to 1B

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Don't know what happend to the first batter...


Mike Mordecai hits a line drive base hit to left field...


Mordecai on 1st... Castro up to bat... infield moves to double play depth...


Ramon Castro strikes out.. Gerald Williams is now up to bat..


Williams strikes out... inning over..


Game remains tied at 3 heading to the bottom of the 6th..

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Top of the 7th...


6-3 Dodgers...


Andy Fox at the plate... Out.


Don't know what happend to the second batter as I lost connection..


The 3rd baseman Cabrera now batting..


Cabrera is out with a ground out to 3rd..


6-3 Dodgers..


Middle of the 7th..

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Bottom of the 7th.. Dodgers lead 6-3..


Mike Kinkade hit a double..


Chip Ambers grabs a fly out as I lost connection again...


Terry now up to bat.. infield in... and he's out on stirkes! Kinkade at 3rd.


Hill now up to bat... pops out on foul territory


No damage done here in the bottom of the 7th.. Dodgers still lead 6-3.. heading to the Top of the 8th...

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6-3 Dodgers Top 9th


new LA pitcher: Toring?


Jesus Medrano out somehow




6-4 Dodgers


Kevin Hooper groundsout to 3b


*Last Chance*


Valdez gets a single!


*Last Chance*...... and look who is at the plate...


Brian Banks strikesout....


Marlins lose 6-4


game thread c/o Ramp, DT, MarlinsBaseball and oh yea WQAM :rolleyes:

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