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Riedling get pwned

The Marlin Man

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we would have been much better off with seanez......he's putting up big numbers and still pumping out gas at SD


We wanted to keep Seanez but he wanted to play on the west coast.......


As for Riedling, the reds wore out his arm the same way they did Danny Graves by trying to make them into starters.....To bad it hasn't worked out because he wanted to play for the Marlins so bad.......Hopefully he can get things right in the minors and come back to help us in the second half.........

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about seanez from the sentinel


Marlins could have used Seanez

Published July 3, 2005



Bullpen turnover is a fact of life in the majors today, but the relief-strapped Marlins could have saved themselves a lot of headaches had they held onto Rudy Seanez.


The veteran right-hander says he would have re-signed with the Marlins last winter for "something halfway decent," but the club refused to move beyond a low-ball offer of $400,000.


"I wanted to go back," said Seanez, who signed instead for $550,000 plus incentives with the Padres. "I had a pretty good vibe there, but they wouldn't budge."

In the final two months after coming over from Kansas City, Seanez posted a 2.74 ERA in 23 outings for the Marlins and held opponents to a .212 batting average. Despite those contributions, the Marlins refused to offer him more than a non-roster invitation to spring training.


At 36 and after 13 years in the big leagues, Seanez thought he deserved more. And his performance in San Diego, where he's back to pumping 97-mph fastballs, is proving him right.


Entering play Saturday, Seanez was 4-1 with a 2.41 ERA in 36 games. He had allowed 30 hits in 371/3 innings and posted an outstanding ratio of 58 strikeouts against nine walks.


Among pitchers with at least 14 innings this year, only Houston's Brad Lidge had a better strikeout rate per nine innings than Seanez.


Even though he has plenty left, Seanez has already begun preparations for life after baseball.


Over the next year, he and his wife plan to open a pair of Cold Stone Creamery stores in the San Diego area.


Each location includes a $350,000 franchise fee, but the fitness-conscious couple still opted for ice cream over several other ventures they considered, including a health club and a restaurant.


His wife will run the shops, but Seanez hopes to be around a good bit and has even received preliminary approval to name a few dishes after Padres teammates.


Just don't expect to hear him singing when customers walk through the door.


"I don't have a good voice, man," he said. "Maybe I'll just show them how to throw a curveball or something."

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