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Formula 1


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If anyone is intersted and watches formula1 here are the results from todays competition



1) J.P. Montoya - McLaren Mercedes

2) F. Alonso - Renault

3) K. Raikkonen - McLaren Mercedes




4) G. Fisischella - Renault

5) J. Button - BAR/honda

6) M. Schumacher - Ferrari

7) R. Barichello - Ferrari

8) R. Schumacher - Toyota



surprising win by the colombian. This is first time he wins this year and has climbed up all the way to 6th on the drivers ranking. Good race, nothing special besides the great handeling of Montoya to keep Alonso from passing him, and Raikkonen climbing all the way from 12th to 3th


ferrari keeps dissapointing and are pretty much done for the year, their cars just arent up to par with the others

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Guest Fritz

I love seeing Ferrari not win every race. It's even better when neither makes the podium. Good to see Mr. Button get a decent finish, but they're really struggling this year. It doesn't matter though, Go Honda.

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Rubino's contract is up next year and he has made numerous statements to the press hinting that he is sick of being the #2 driver at Ferrari when he could be the #1 man on virtually any other team.


I bet he'll end up with Williams eventually.



Good, he sucks.

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Guest Fritz

I love how no one likes Williams-BMW. I hate that team.


My best friend is a Williams fan.


He's also a Cubs fan.


'nuff said


End that kid.

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