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Marlins bordering on irrelevancy?


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Sunday, August 7th ?means Marlins at Cincinnati, right??.aaah? no!


It means Marino?s HOF Induction with the Dolphins first game the following night..


Yes, the clock is ticking on the Marlins season.


With this current slide (yes, the ?baseball is a marathon, things will turn around? crowd will jump all on that) this team has been over the past month and a half and playing mediocre baseball, the Marlins are in danger of slipping into the annual irrelevancy in the 2nd half of the season, like its been for every year except for ?97, ?03 and ?04, for the attention of the fickle South Florida sports fan, and we all know where that attention is going to go, the passion of this area and this state, football. The shift has already started, just listen to sports talk radio where the football calls are now up to what seems like 75% from 50% a couple of months ago.


A look at what?s happened since the Marlins high-water mark of 10 games over .500?


Standings after May 24th

FLA 26-16 -

ATL 26-19 1?

WAS 24-22 4

NYM 23-23 5

PHI 21-26 7?


Standings after July 10th

WAS 52-36 -

ATL 50-39 2?

FLA 44-42 7

PHI 45-44 7?

NYM 44-44 8


Record for the past month and a half

WAS 28-14 -

PHI 24-18 4

ATL 24-20 5

NYM 21-21 7

FLA 18-26 11


?Pretty much illustrates what all the posters, like myself, who are frustrated with this team?s underperformance have been stating all along. I though it was bad, but not that bad, when I was doing the math.


Playing poorly against mediocre teams last year (Arizona and Pittsburgh, etc.) and doing the same again this year, always losing the first game of a series, stop a losing streak with a blow-out and then revert to form, and on and on. "Aw, the Brewers and the Cubs suck, and were going to go 5-2 or 6-1 on the homestand" Yup. Real downer going into the ASG break. BTW, I don't but the Cubs in the mediocre category.


First, the refrain from the delusional fans was, ?we?re only 2 games out of first place, we?ll get ?em?, then as first place gradually slipped away, it was reduced to the consolation prize (the Wild Card) rally cry ?we?re only 2 games out of the Wild Card, we?ll turn it around?. Last time I looked, the Wild Card, too, is rapidly slipping away also, now up to 4? games behind the Richmond Braves, yes, the Richmond Braves, who have the 3rd best record in the NL. When they become the Atlanta Braves again later on in the season?well, you can figure that out.


Win or lose, the Marlins countdown is 28 days to make sure that South Florida cares about them at all (as if the ridiculously pathetic 16-20,000 a night nonsense) means they care at all. For all the football haters out there, it doesn?t matter if the Dolphins and Canes both went 1-15 and 1-10 last year, respectively, baseball would take a back seat once training camp rolled around this year.


Don?t get me started on the ?it?s a new team, the ?98 fire sale, this is a transient community? nonsense to defend the attendance. Face it, our attendance sucks, constantly hovering around 25-27th out of 30 teams in attendance despite winning a World Series just 2 years ago. The Phoenix area folks, is an even younger baseball town (1998) than us, has a lot of out-of-towners moving in, won a World Series 2 years more distant in memory than us, went through their own fire sale of sorts, yet have never drawn less than 2.5 million fans in their history (a mark we?ve only surpassed once, in 1993), including last year when they were by far the worst team in baseball (51-111), yet destroyed us at the gate (2,519,560 to 1,723,105). As far as I?m concerned, in today?s baseball, anything less than 24,000+ a game (2,000,000) is unacceptable for a team that is hovering around .500 or playing better than that. This isn?t 1975 when the 2 million mark was something to shoot for, today it?s 3 million.


OK, that's my rant.

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Thanks. I was wondering if the question was indeed legit. :)



So are you originally from Brooklyn and now live in Ft. Lauderdale or is it the other way around?


btw, couldn't agree more with you, especially re: attendance. some on this board have talked about how we haven't improved our attendance standing within the league but we've increased our overall numbers from last year. turns out we drew more people last year than this year.


unbelievable. don't know what the marlins need to do in this town to bring people in, but the way they've been playing the past few months, i suppose i don't blame south floridians from staying away...

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Very good catch/read on my member name (the telephone area codes for those who didn't catch it).


Born in NYC, but didn't grow up there. Grew up in Jamaica (the Caribbean, not Queens) and returned back for high school and college in the late 1970's)


Been in SoFla since 1986, and prior to the Marlins in 1993, followed both NYM + NYY with more a special heart for NYM, and still do.

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Off topic for 1-post only.




Good run by your boy Alonso yesterday. Keep the Prancing Stallion and Schuey in your rear-view mirror! (I used to be big F-1 fan in the early 90's - Williams Renault).


Now, back to topic!

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marlins 1st half 44-42. if we continue at .500 we'll finish 82-80. which wont cut it because the nats are 52-36. if they play .500 they'll finish 89-73. but if they stay hot they could finish 96-66. braves 50-39 if they play .500 they finish 87-75. if they continue on they end up 91-71. if the nats finish at the 96-66, we would have to play .700 baseball for the rest of the season to finish 97-65. its possible but unlikely. now the braves are our competition for the WC. we'd have to play .640 baseball to finish 92-70.these #s are assuming that the nats and braaves play consistently. i dont think the nats can keep it up. the braves might be able to play even better with their good guys coming back. i just hope both dont play better than they are now because then were done. basically our only hope is that the nats fall out the braves get the division leaving us with the WC and a gaurenteed WS victory. . for the fish to pull it off they need the rotation to be willis moe beckett burnett olsen. leiter to pen. lets see how mikey does after the break. if he continues to struggle im all for a shakeup. cabs to 3rd and hermida in left and lowell to the weight room ...lol... our destiny is in our hands and Only time will tell!!!

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