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Marlins are neglecting a major part........

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of there organization....LATIN AMERICA SIGNINGS!!


when Dealin Dave was here they went hard after top latin america talent( Miggy, Pedro cousin) this regime has neglected even with Fred onboard. What I'm saying they haven't gone out and sign those elite talent.


here's what are rivals are doing....

The Mets have the major leagues? only Latin American general manager, Omar Minaya. They signed the two most recognizable Latin American free agents in the offseason, Carlos Beltran and Pedro Martinez.


Now, the organization has spent more money on Latin American free agents in 2005 than any other organization. New York signed outfielder Jesus Fernando Martinez for $1.4 million, and international scouts say Martinez was the top hitter available in the Dominican this year. Scouting sources in Latin America also report that the Mets have signed the top player out of Venezuela, righthander Deolis Guerra, for a reported $650,000.


"I'm happy that we have are able to bring Deolis and Jesus into the Mets organization,? Mets general manager Omar Minaya said in an official club statement. ?Sandy Johnson, Rafael Bournigal and Eddy Toledo have worked extremely hard and did a great job getting these two kids signed. These are two of the best young international players. Signing them goes in line with our original plan of being active in the international market.?


Both Martinez and Guerra have signed 2006 contracts. Several scouts contacted agree the international signing period, just more than a week old, is more active than usual, thanks in part to the Mets and also to the Rangers and Rockies.


Latin American signings have been less lucrative in recent years as teams have shifted from signing one or two players for large bonuses to trying to sign a greater number of players for lower bonuses. The Rangers, for example, expect to sign 14-15 players for their Dominican academy for about the same amount of money the Mets gave to Martinez.


The Mets weren?t the only big spenders, as the Rockies signed shortstop Carlos Martinez out of San Pedro de Macoris for a six-figure bonus. Rockies scouting director Bill Schmidt wouldn?t confirm Martinez? bonus, only saying it was less than the $650,000 Guerra received.


?He?s a young shortstop with some present tools?average runner, solid arm and some present hitting ability,? Schmidt said. ?With his approach, it looks like he has a chance (to hit). He has good hands and good (infield) actions.


?I think anytime you?re paying a substantial bonus, whether internationally or in the draft, you have to have some present ability, not just upside.?


The Martinez bonus is larger than any given out in the last four seasons. The Red Sox? Luis Soto received $500,000 in January 2004, the largest international bonus for a minor leaguer since the Yankees gave Anderson Amador $800,000 when he signed in May 2003. The international market took a downturn after 9-11, peaking just before that when the Dodgers gave Joel Guzman $2.25 million in July 2001. Clubs generally have spent less money on amateur bonuses across the board since 9-11, and major league organizations had fewer visas to give to foreign-born players in the aftermath of the attacks.


Now, as baseball?s economy has improved and the visa issue has been resolved, signing bonuses have escalated again.


?There have been at least nine or 10 guys signed for six figures,? one international scouting director said. ?It?s probably double the number in an average year.


?I just wonder about the approach of signing these players to large contracts, because none of the players who has gotten a big signing bonus has lived up to the hype yet, from (Wily Mo) Pena to Guzman to Willy Aybar. I feel like it?s not great for baseball when this kind of money is being spent on one or two or three players, and that?s about the same amount of teams that have the resources to spend like that in Latin America. But that?s what happens when the GM gets involved.?


Martinez, represented by agent Ivan Noboa, has received the largest bonus so far. Scouts describe Martinez as a player with skills more typically found in American amateurs rather than Dominicans. His lefthanded bat is his best tool thanks to a mature approach for his age and his surehanded swing. He?s described as an average athlete with a strong frame. Some reports describe Martinez as having a Raul Mondesi-type arm, but scouts contacted by Baseball America say his arm is average or above-average, rather than a game-changing, plus-plus arm.


?He?s 5-foot-11 or 6-foot?he?s not a Miguel Cabrera up there,? another international scouting director said. ?He has big-time bat speed and was definitely one of the top two or three guys on the international market. The Mets didn?t have a second- or third-round pick in the (2005) draft, so they had the money to kind of sign international guys instead of those draft picks.?


Guerra is a 6-foot-5 righthander with a projectable frame and a fastball that has touched 92 mph. He?s represented by Len Strelitz and West Coast Sports Management.


?He?s kind of a Guillermo Mota type,? said Strelitz, a former scouting director with the Rangers. ?He?s about 6-foot-5, 210 pounds and has a good athletic, projectable body.?


The two most prominent players the Rangers signed, both for bonuses in the $250,000 range, are shortstop Johan Yan and righthander Fabio Castillo. Both are 16. Yan is a 6-foot-3 rangy athlete from San Pedro de Macoris. Castillo (whose name has at times been listed as Favio) pitched in a Perfect Game showcase in the U.S. and showed a 90-93 mph fastball in a two-inning stint. He is from La Romana, where the Rangers have their complex.


Scouts say several other players are saying the Rangers have signed them, though a club spokesman would confirm only the signings of Castillo and Yan. Other scouts lauded the hard work of Texas? international scouting supervisor A.J. Preller, aided by veteran Don Welke, who the club hired as an international crosschecker.


?You have to give A.J. Preller credit for what he?s done down there,? one international scouting director said of his peer with the Rangers. ?The Rangers were very aggressive. A.J. is very knowledgeable and he knows every player that is eligible. The guys they signed, he knows inside and out. He really gets to know guys better than most organizations, and it paid off for them.?


Still available is the consensus top talent in the international arena this year, Dominican righthander Rolando Pascual. He?s 6-foot-6 and has shown low 90s velocity with an easy delivery. ?He a profile-type of guy?he looks the part,? one scout said. ?He?s a hard thrower who looks like he could do it all day long.?






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I don't necessarily agree with neglect in signing Latin Americans. Since 2002 they've had Fred Ferreira as they're director of international operations, the man responsible for signing Vlad Guerrero, his scouts are finding the players. I think where the Marlins are remiss is in their willingness to cough up the dough to sign these players, which is something the previous owners did do.

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The Loria Marlins ahve been generous in handing out bonuses to dmoestic talent (not to mention their arbitration-eligble players), why wouldn't they be with international talent?




agree, the top talent in Latin America has always put the Marlins in the top 5 b/c of location, but this organization doesn't go after them...maybe they just don't like getting into bidding wars with other clubs


its a mistake IMO just look it at like this, if this regime had been here back 99' Miggy would have been in pin stripes

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Well I guess I was wrong they are making an attempt to sign the top talent, but they're just coming up short


CLOSE CALL: The Marlins didn't miss by much in their bid for 16-year-old Venezuelan pitching prodigy Alexander Guerra. The 6-foot-5 right-hander landed with the Mets this week for $650,000, while the Marlins were believed to be in the $500,000 range. Guerra would have been their most expensive inter-national signing since Miguel Cabrera in 1999.


Mke Berardino

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